Transgender Organization Protests Urinals At College Campus



Burketown, VA –

“Not all men have penises” Sarah Cutlander shouted into a megaphone in front of hundreds of protesters who congregated at Burketown college this morning to protest the use of urinals in men’s bathrooms.

The transgender group, TGIF, which stands for “Thank God It’s Feminism”, protested the use of urinals at a local college campus claiming that they exclude the use of people without penises. Sarah Cutlander, a transgender male, lead the organization in a vocal rally. “We need to thwart the patriarchy. This is an issue descending from a fundamental misunderstanding of what defines manhood. I am a man, but I have a vagina. When I see a urinal I am reminded of how the systemic network of men who rule this country have extended their reach to dictate our behaviors and culture down to the level of toilet usage. Having a urinal is like saying – to be a man, you must have a penis. Since urinals are built around the functionality of the penis”

The Dean of school announced later in a press release that though the display was courageous, they are not thinking of removing urinals any time soon:

Dear faculty and student body,

The display of protesters is a heartwarming reminder that we still have ground to cover in accepting all people in all their forms. Though we respect the bravery of the young men and women who protested today, we encourage you to use the stalls if you have a problem with the urinals. Some of our student body finds the urinals easier to use, which is why they are there. It is not a question of exclusion, it is about functionality”

The protest has dissipated but you can visit the alt-left trans group’s Facebook page to learn more.



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