Washington Passes Legislation That Will Allow Urinal Sensors To Record Video


WA – Following a supreme court case dealing with the FBI using urinal sensors to spy on public restrooms to thwart domestic terrorism, a bill was passed this morning that will make surveillance from the urinal legal.

What you need to know:

This does not mean that every urinal will be under surveillance. The urinals most susceptible to this new bill are government controlled urinals i.e. public bathrooms

Is my urinal recording me?

Maybe. Though the bill allows private urinals to record activity, it only allows federal agents to have access to the footage in case of domestic terrorism. There are, however, some stipulations. Big sites like Facebook and Snapchat were trying to get a finger in the pie to use urinal surveillance for advertising purposes, which may be allowed in the future.

Will there be a warning?

No. Urinals are not, by law, required to express they are recording you. Some private urinals may have warnings just to be informative.


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