Victims Of NY Terror Suspect Stabbed With Syringe Containing “Gay Inducing Hormones”


NY – Following a deadly terrorist incident that left 8 dead and over several injured, police searched the belongings of 29 year old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. In his left pocket they found a syringe filled with feminine hormones including Flamthol and Estrogen.

Autopsies revealed that some of the victims were stabbed with the cocktail of “Gay Inducing Hormones” as described in Saipov’s diary. His diary also revealed a plan to induce homosexuality in as many of his victims possible so they would be stricken by Phallus, the Muslim god of Homophobia.

Saipov’s diary outlined a plan to induce homosexuality in men and women alike from the Western world to bring about a rapture that would kill all Americans. This sort of insane, backwards thinking highlights the nuanced motives of modern terrorism.

“The Muslims want everyone to be gay” says Robert Barone, lead anthropologist at Marlboro University, “This is outlined and described at length in the Quran, and it has been talked about for decades by the Muslim leaders. By making the Western world gay, they will trigger Allah to kill the perpetrators. This is why we have seen gay propaganda funded by Muslim organizations in the past”

New developments on this story emerge.

Staff reports


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