North Korea Threatens To Target “Liberal-Governed” Cities In Nuclear Attack


North Korea – In a press conference addressing the prospects of nuclear war, one of North Korea’s top political advisers made the following statement:

“Trump’s leadership is unconventional, but he resurfaced a strong ferocity that has been lost in politics. We respect his gusto, and in keeping in line with the North Korean vision, we would be remiss if we attacked conservative entities first, as opposed to liberal governed cities.”

Though no direct threat was made, it was implied by omission. Since the comment was made early this morning, analysts at the White House speculate no American is in immediate danger, but they are urging liberal cities to be on guard.

Jeff Anderson, a White House correspondent said the following “Washington is jammed up on prospect of nuclear war right now. It’s a hot and aggressive topic. But there have been no statements made about this being an immediate threat. It is only exaggerated rhetoric, but it does have the possibility of escalating into something more”

America and North Korea are teetering on the edge of nuclear war that could be the end of humanity. Increased rhetoric and stained egos will only contribute to more tensions in foreign affairs.

Joe Malone reports

Joe Malone’s writing has appeared in esquire, the New York Times, and CNN. 


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