Man Who Signed Up For “Seal Squad” Fitness Program Thought He Was Joining A Branch Of The Military


Rudolf Sankins, 22, of Brooklyn NY, signed up for a new and intensive work out program called “Seal Squad.” The program is part of a burgeoning industry of work out plans that get members fit through rugged and unconventional strategies. Seal Squad echoes the style of Spartan race and Crossfit.

Undecided in what he wanted to do in life, Sankins signed up for Seal Squad at his local community college, mistaking them for the Navy Seals. “They had a stand in the student center with flyers and posters,” Sankins said, “I thought they were recruiting…They didn’t brand themselves like a fitness program I can tell you that”

Sankins paid $40 to become a member with the Seal Squad, but thought he was paying an application fee.

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