Employee Reveals Trump Purchased 100,000 “Hillary ’16” Tee-Shirts In Case He Lost The Election


Washington – A classic Superbowl strategy.  President Trump has proved yet again that successful leadership takes a certain amount of eclecticism and risk. In the final days of the election when he was running neck and neck for the presidency with Hillary Clinton, Trump realized that the prospect of losing was on the table.

To avoid a total loss, Trump identified opportunity. He purchased 100,000 Hillary ’16 tee shirts which he was going to sell for $20 a piece if Hillary won.  “I was an administrative assistant in Trump’s campaign” says a former Trump employee, “the last several weeks of the campaign were spent designing and purchasing 100,000 Hillary Tee-shirts, which we later threw out after Trump won. He only spent a couple hundred grand on them”

“Business tycoons need to be fountains of creativity” says Harvard MBA instructor Tom Grosley, “They ideate new campaigns and ideas constantly to facilitate business growth. Creative problem solving is the hallmark of business success”

Though Trump’s tee-shirt business ultimately failed, his display of entrepreneurship is one of the reasons he is lauded by many as an influential business mogul


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