Trump Hires Pun Writer To Diss “Kim Jong Un-qualified”

trumpoy4Washington – In the wake of possible war-inducing rhetoric between Trump and North Korea, Trump on-boarded a team of analysts at the White House to help identify weak spots in North Korean culture, and develop a plan to shed a positive light on his public image.

“I am hoping to get the Koreans to side with me,” said Trump in a press conference this morning, “if the Koreans love me, and they will,  then they will see that Kim Jong Un is Kim Jong Un-Qualified…”

The pun is already blowing up on Twitter, with some people noting how it was written by a seasoned “Pun-writer” to tap into the Korean cultural predilection towards puns.

“We did look deeply into Korean culture to tease out what their people respond to” says white house analyst Craig Gannon, “We found in our analysis that Koreans, along with other Eastern countries, are the largest ‘Pun consumers’ in the world. Puns are sort of fetishized there. Any art historian will tell you that puns have been visible in Eastern culture since the dawn of landscape art, and with loud echoes ringing throughout modern Anime and Manga.”

The speech writers and analytic team collaborated on a speech that would include at least one pun to address North Korea. This was a trial run to test the waters, said our White House correspondents, but expect more puns in the future if it goes over well.trump twitter3

trump twitter2

twitter trump

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