Connecticut Man Hires Lawyer To Live In Gym


CT – A local man has hired a lawyer to represent him in Edge Fitness Center Vs. Tony Ambroelli. 

Tony Ambroelli was evicted from his New Haven apartment in 2016 because of failure to make rent. Following his eviction he moved into a Pod storage unit where he paid $200 a month, but lacked a bathroom and shower. He was “urinating into large Gatorade bottles, and defecating into paper shredders.”

Searching for cheaper, more comfortable living spaces, Tony remembered his $20 subscription to the Edge Fitness center. After confirming with Edge staff that the gym is open 24/7, Ambroelli moved his light luggage into a locker.

Since June, Ambroelli has been sleeping and showering in the gym locker room. Now the Edge Fitness Center is hoping to evict him.

“Nowhere in the membership contract does it explicitly prevent paying members from sleeping or showering in the gym. In fact, showering and resting are encouraged activities!” says Ambroelli’s lawyer Tom Heinks.

Edge Fitness Center has not made a comment to the press.

Staff reports


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