Forget Coffins, This Company Will Turn You Into A Low-Income Housing Project When You Die


Coffins are old school. A New York property developer claims that he can turn your corpse into a low income housing project.

Finding our place in the world when we pass is hard. Are we content with our flesh dissolving helplessly into the earth? This is a common theme in burial culture. Some companies are offering to turn your body into a tree. Others turn your corpse into a crystal ball.

What better way to carry on your benevolent character than to be transformed into something for the greater good? Din Veisal of NYC is a famous property developer who will bury you under a housing project for the low price of $5. Some say he has mafia connections and has been doing this to throw the feds off a trail that will lead them to hundreds of unwilling persons who are buried under his buildings.

Regardless, its a great idea.

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