6 Ridiculous Micro Nations You Can Move To After College


A Micro nation is a small area or political entity that claims national sovereignty but is not recognized by other sovereign states. 

People establish micro nations for a slew of reasons. Some micro nations embody civil disobedience or stand against overarching political and social issues. Others are petty, or weirdly sexual, as you will soon discover.

So if you’re getting bored of your current living situation, and are looking to move to a place where you can serve as a male slave, we have provided a list of micro nations that you can move to, TODAY.

1. The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands


“On the 13th of September 2004, the Gay Kingdom declared war on Australia. This also means that the Kingdom sees itself as an independent country.” (http://gaykingdom.info/history.htm)

The Gay Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands is located a north of Australia. Tired of persecution, humiliation, and downright ignorance, the gay community of Australia established their kingdom on the Coral Islands, home to a popular gay pride parade. They are ruled and governed by the sovereign Dale

“The sovereign of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom is Dale Parker Anderson, who is directly descendant from the murdered gay King of England, Edward II (1284-1327) this makes the Sovereign distantly related to all the major royal houses of Europe.v”

The Gay Kingdom of the Coral Islands is a bold move by the Gay community. If you want to live in a Gay paradise, this is the place to go.

2. The Other World Kingdom


Ladies, this one is for you. The Other World Kingdom was a Matriarchal micro nation in the Czech Republic that used to enslave men. It has been closed for years, but maybe you can help restore it!

The women had their own currency, passports, police force, courts, state flag and male slaves.  Their mission statement was  “to get as many male creatures under the unlimited rule of Superior Women on as much territory as possible.”

3. The Principality Of Sealand 


An offshore platform off the coast of England. The benefits of living here are hard to determine. Lets see, you can pee off the side…And, you can probably get away with murder here. That’s about it.

Sealand is more about appreciating world history. It originally served as an illegally built WW2 fortress. The platform was named ‘Fort Roughs Tower’. When it was abandoned in the 1950’s is was  constituted extra-national territory. So ‘up for grabs’ basically.

If you are a WW2 nerd this may be the place to go.

4. Empire of Atlantium


Atlantium was established by three Sydney teenagers. “As of October 2015, the group has almost 3,000 “citizens” from (and still therein residing due to the small area of the Empire of Atlantium) over 100 countries. The website names just over 20 individuals holding such functions as minister, director, magister and imperial legate. Atlantium says its citizenship does not supersede existing citizenships. Atlantians contend that they are all dual-citizens, and that Atlantium actively encourages its members to participate in the political processes of their resident countries.”

Atlantium doesn’t have an interesting vision. It has been described as “an extremely sophisticated nation-state experiment, as well as an entirely serious claimant to legitimate statehood.”

5. KugelMugel


“KugelMugel”, or “Ball-bump”, is a nation founded and built by Edwin Lipburger in 1971. It consists of one large ball shaped house. The house serves as an artistic expression.

6. Glacier Republic

glacier republic

The Glacier republic was created as an advertising awareness campaign by Greenpeace in 2014 off the coast of Chile. It was claimed in protest of mining corporations building on or near the glacier.

The activists say that once Chile has passed appropriate legislation recognizing and guaranteeing the integrity and protection of its glaciers, “The Glacier Republic and its citizens will return the glaciers to the Chilean State,” and the Glacier Republic will cease to exist. Therefore, the real purpose of the Republic is not to create a long-lasting country, but to force the Chilean government to protect its glaciers. Within its first ten days of “independence,” more than 40,000 people signed up to become “citizens” in support of the Republic, which has already opened embassies in 40 countries around the world (essentially just those countries where Greenpeace International already have offices)”

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