Planning The Perfect Acid Trip In 10 Steps


We’ve taken it upon ourselves to seek the insight of many acid heads and plan out the perfect acid trip. Here is a list of things you can do before hand to make your acid trip extraordinary.

What is the perfect acid trip? A perfect acid trip is not always defined by elation and euphoria, but rather by the affect it has on the user’s life. This list was built for the experienced user. 

1. Film a video of yourself doing something strange then watch it

The video can be of anything. Try setting up a video camera before you go to bed and film yourself sleeping. Or you can video tape dinner with the family and watch your behaviors.

2. Have your friends make you draw a circle and ask why you keep drawing a square

Hopefully you will be too messed up to remember you asked them to do this for you, but this will really trip you out

3. Hang up pictures of another family around the house 

Again, hopefully you’ll be too messed up to remember you did this and you can convince yourself that you are in someone else’s house

4. Draw messages to yourself on your body like they did in Memento

We call all learn a good mind fuck from Memento

5. Time a soundbite of a police siren to ring mid trip

This one will get you.

6. Replace your TV with a chair and have your friends watch it

Or replace your TV with anything about the same size. As long as your friends pretend to watch it is key.

7. Record yourself propositioning an elaborate game like in SAW

Construct an elaborate game like in the SAW movies, then record yourself outlining the rules and listen to the recording. “I have poisoned your last meal. You have ten minutes to live unless you find the serum which is hidden somewhere in the Yogibo”

8. Program your phone to call the cops every time it experiences a change in gravity

It doesn’t only have to be the cops, if could be your mom, or a close relative. You can do this through an app called Tasker.

9. Print a realistic news article of you being the most wanted person in America

We suggest getting this professionally done at a printing place. Should cost less than 25 bucks.

10. Have your friends dress in suits and refer to you as Mr. Bond

This will make you feel cool at least.



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