Elderly Man Crushed By Giant Hot Dog At International Festival

hotdogNY – Family and friends of Marty Weisman gathered for a ceremonial service in Worcester MA today following a freak accident at the New York international food festival that resulted in Marty’s death.

Marty, a 80 year old retired optometrist from Massachusetts, was attending the international food festival with his grandson, who is 8 years old.

Witnesses report that Marty and his grandson were spending a lot of time at the hot dog exhibit, an attraction featuring a 1000 lbs hot dog provided by a local restaurant. The family friendly exhibit turned into a horror show when Marty tried to lift the end of the hot dog to pose for a picture. A portion of the hot dog tore off and rolled into Marty, bringing him to the ground and subsequently crushing his chest. As the man spat up blood his last words were “$20 for this kind of treatment?” – a reference to the cost of the entry ticket.

Authorities have not commented on the incident. More news as the story develops