How The Term “White Privilege” Is Ruining The Chocolate Industry


Wellington, PA – Paul Rutgers has been in business for 25 years. Surprisingly, he is only 25 years old. In the early 1990’s Pauls father opened a small Pennsylvania chocolate shoppe that eventually grew into a Wellington staple: Rutgers fudge.

Rutger fudge started business in a ramshackle industrial building on the edge of town. Business was booming immediately, but in 1996 the Rutgers had to respond to an economic crisis in chocolate trade. He shifted his focus to white chocolate.

Mr. Rutger had a good feeling about white chocolate. He thought white chocolate offered a unique and dynamic taste that could be lucrative. As he molested the market, feeling for good deals and prices, he eventually settled for a pristine beauty: Mahan Mun. Mahan Mun is a white chocolate from China. It is so brilliantly white, the towns people of Mun have a special prayer for it. Since it was so special in China, Mr. Rutger decided to name it “White Privilege”

This was before the term we now know existed. We had the chance to confront Paul Rutgers and ask him what he calls his fathers famous chocolate now.

“Well, its just weird you know. We still call it white privilege” Paul said “We think it is very unfair, so far…since the term has been thrown around so often, we are actually losing money  because people think we are racist…the problem is, most of our customer base is familiar with white privilege chocolate, so if we change the name now we may lose those customers…”

As you can see, Paul was very upset.



– Staff

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