School Panics When Teachers Mistake Student’s Quran As A Bomb


muslim guy 2Westfield VA- Westfield Elementary  was up in arms this morning as sirens blared through the hallways of the elementary school and a fully loaded bomb squad tore through he building searching for threats. The bomb threat was called in by Morgan Freeliner, a fourth grade English teacher, who claimed one of her student’s was wielding an equipped explosive.

“I brought cookies and treats for the class” says Freeliner, “And one of my students, Mohammed, held up a bomb like apparatus, and said ‘Allah Ahkbar'”

Authorities are investigating the scene. Ten year old Mohammed Wilson, of Westfield VA, is the student alleged for the misunderstanding. Wilson claims the teacher misheard what he said as “Allah Akbar” when really he was saying “I’ll have a snack bar,” but his words were slurred and it might have came out differently; though he admits there is no conceivable possibility  that anyone could have misunderstood his clarity.

After a run down of the school, a full investigation is now taking place. The only item that Wilson had on him was his Quran, which he claims he uses for “Religious Purposes” which is speculated by authorities to be the name of an obscure branch of ISIS.

Wilson was set free this morning, but the investigation continues.


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