Meek Mill Takes Up Part-Time Job At Denny’s After Nicki Complains Of Him Freeloading

Collage DennysBeverly Hills, CA – Nicki and Meek have been together for over two years. The couple first met over Twitter beef in 2009, a run of the mill standard for celebrity dating now a days. Meek then took Nicki out on several dates and soon enough, the two were Twitter official.

Meek and Nicki lived lavishly for a short time. Splurging credit, high stakes poker, high flying in private jets; they had it all. But their fast-paced lifestyle came to a standstill when Nicki realized that Meek simply did not have the income to fund such luxuries. Her discovery of Meek’s financial shortcomings gave way to a new attitude in the relationship.Nicki turned into somewhat of a hard ass and demanded that Meek “get a real job”- reliable sources.

Meek was flirting with the concept of rap at the time and had already built a steady career for himself, but the income was still not enough. To make matters worse, the rapper experienced a heated back and forth, or “back to back” as some refer to it, with his his famed contemporary, Drake. The aftermath of this battle resulted in his music career being torn from mediocre heights to an abysmal low.

Defeated, Meek spent the next half year growing out his stubble, and then shaving it off to see which looks better. He  arrived at a conclusion to keep half stubble, half shaved.

With his newfound semi-clean working mans look, Meek is ready to hit the job market. Sources claim to have seen Meek dressed in a suit and tie, entering a Five Guys, and a Burger King on two separate occasions. Each time Nicki was seen trailing behind him with a scornful look on her face, and she was muttering “If you don’t get this one Meek, I’m gonna have to be featured on one of your songs again.”

Meek was last seen leaving a Denny’s in the upper Hollywood area. He was elbow jerking the air proclaiming “Yes, Yes, I got the job.”

Sources suspect he got the job.


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