Nicholas Cage To Play Chad Kroeger In Nickelback Documentary

CollageHollywood, CA – The famed  post grundge rock band, Nickelback, is expected to release a monumental documentary exploring their struggle through the harsh 90’s, their influence on classic rock, and pop culture as we know it today. The documentary is going to be filmed in Noir, a characteristically dark genre, to exemplify the struggles the band underwent in drastically molding modern styles.

Nickelback is best know for their pensive lyrical prose, unique styles, and authentic sound. The band has been recognized for bold political pieces such as “Look at this photograph”, a song about Andrew Weiner’s notorious dick pics, and “Rockstar”, a song that eventually contributed to the black lives matter movement.

The pending documentary will celebrate the band’s countless feats. Sources have confirmed that Nicholas Cage will be playing the lead role in the film as Chad Kroeger, with Meryl Streep playing the supporting role as Avril Lavigne. The documentary is in production and will hopefully be in theaters next summer.


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