Plus sized model fired after stealing company donuts

fattassNY – Martha Stronghold, an up and coming plus sized model, is intent on revolutionizing the beauty industry. “Every body is beautiful” she boldly states in an exclusive interview. “Our plus sized bods should be free from judgement. Everyone is a human being.”

The aspiring model’s vision of beauty equality was driven into the ground Friday, when Stronghold was fired for pilfering company purchased donuts.

Bill Buckaman, CEO of ‘Chubby-Chasers’, the company Stronghold worked for, speaks out on the issue. “At Chubby Chasers, we value authenticity. That’s why, every morning we show our employees genuine care by buying them a full tray of donuts for their enjoyment. Company policy strictly states one donut per person. Now, some of us take two every now and then, but Martha was taking way above her fair share of donuts on a daily basis. It got to a point where, sometimes no body but Martha got donuts on a given day. We did all we could to confront her, but she would not comply so we had to let her go.”

Buckaman contends that such an agency is prone to experience food-related problems. “I work with chubby models,” he says, “They like to eat, just like skinny models throw up to keep themselves thin, my models eat to keep their careers. Listen,. I know it may be because of the stress of the job, but that’s not excuse to be dishonest. I wish the best to Martha and her future endeavors.”

Meanwhile, Martha has gained national recognition as a martyr in the industry. “I will stay true to myself” says Martha, “I like donuts. I eat them. Me losing my job just goes to show the intolerance in this country that plus sized people experience every day.”



– Staff

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