Squirrel Couple Freeze At Exact Moment Of Reaching Orgasm

Two Squirrels frozen together, connected by the genitals

Canada – Josh Goodman stumbled across an interesting sight this morning while leaving his suburban home in Toronto. It is no surprise that, with the weather being so cold, Goodman found a squirrel couple frozen together by the genitals.

The couple had been mating throughout the night, and by morning they were frozen solid. Goodman claims that the male squirrel must’ve been frozen at the precise moment of orgasm because “Just look how content he looks”, says Goodman.

Out of all the strangest Canadian wonders Goodman has witnessed this one takes the cake. Being a lover of nature, Goodman is upset by the two casualties of the winter season. “I love all animals, its sad to see them go” he says.


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