Beyonce and Black Panther dancers loot Chicago following Superbowl performance

Beyonce riots

Chicago- Our criticisms of Beyonce’s racially charged Superbowl performance have proven to be justly appropriate, as officials are linking the posse to a series of riots that occurred Sunday night after the game. The riots were executed similarly to the famed 1968 Panther riots which came as a result of the murder of Martin Luther King.

Beyonce and her performers are being held responsible to the widespread havoc that took place Sunday night. Officials claim that Beyonce and her crew overturned several hundred vehicles in the Chicago area, through methods of group twerking.

“We should have been warned” says one official, “that Superbowl performance was way too edgy for me. It gave me a knot in my stomach to hear the word ‘Negro’ exclaimed so freely. We should have known that this anti-white propaganda would escalate to such heights.”

Chicago residents wallow in remorse as they piece together the remains of their once prosperous city. One resident says “Never again will I buy a Beyonce song off Itunes. Its all pirated music from now on”

More as the story develops.


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