‘The Bachelor’ goes gender neutral to adapt to modern times

the bacherlorABC is reevaluating the current dynamic of ‘The Bachelor’ in hopes to draw in a larger audience. “People these days are seeking love with the same sex, and gender is no longer binary like it was in the good old days” says Ron Stevenson, director of communications for the show. With gender fluidity on the rise, The Bachelor is seeking to create a more inclusive cast. “We can’t limit our cast to just male, and female. It’s just so not progressive.”

The current season of the Bachelor will play out with its original cast, but sources say the show will undergo some remodeling before the next season. Meg Bryce, the new director of the show, and notorious social justice warrior, spoke about the issue “We hope to create a more gender neutral atmosphere to be all inclusive of every sex and identity. Next season we will have men, women, bis, gays, and trans people, competing to win the love of a bachelor who identifies as neither male nor female. We realize times are changing, and we are ready to make appropriate changes to match the times”

Social Media has taken hold of this issue with the gender neutral community expressing praise.

Jolene Williams, a gender neutral Twitter user posts:

“Good for the bachelor! Its about time we saw more diversity”

More on the issue as it develops.


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