Man writes name and address on each limb every morning to cope with new disorder

forearmLimb Dismemberment Paranoia, a new disorder being classified along side obsessive compulsive disorder and schizophrenia. It is the irrational fear that an assailant will sever a persons limbs and disperse them randomly.

Origins of the fear can be traced back to the seventies when several notorious serial killers were arrested for dismembering their victims and hiding the limbs in different places. The disorder has since escalated in the medical field and records state that over 1,000 Americans suffer from it.

Joel Brown, 21, of Missouri, has been suffering from LDP for over ten years. “When I was a child” he says “I saw this movie where the criminal cut up his victims and hid their limbs in different areas of the country. Then police had to search every where and could not identify the limbs. Ever since then, I have been writing my name and address on each limb, including my penis, for the past ten years. I would get tattoos of my name on my limbs, but this disorder is characterized by an immense fear of pain, and I could not tolerate the pain of a tattoo.”

Doctors are calling this disorder a “growing epidemic” in certain areas of the country. People who live in states that are high in serial murders, Texas, Missouri, Wyoming, are prone to developing this disorder.

Dr. Sanchez, of Texas explains:

“The onset of this disorder is generated by prolonged anxiety. The anxiety then develops into irrational behaviors  that include xenophobic tendencies among taking irrational steps to avoid being cut up limb by limb.”


More research is being done on the topic.


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