Feminist blogger claims she was “unjustly terminated” after making sexual advances at male boss

23971275379_84a3a5ce54_oVirginia – We don’t hear too many news stories about women getting burned on sexual harassment charges in the workforce. Most stories having to do with sexual harassment overwhelmingly concern male offences. With that being said, it is no wonder that the recent sexual harassment charge involving Vanessa Idlemon, 31, of North West Virginia, came as a surprise to the local news.

Her peers found the charges quite startling considering that Idlemon, in addition to being described as “timid, and shy”, also serves as a national voice in the Feminist community. “For her to act upon such primitive instincts is unprofessional, but it also goes against her  core values as a feminist” says Martha Operan, a close co-worker of Idlemon.

Idlemon was working at a large opinion oriented website that focuses on civil liberties and social justice. The website hosts a collection of esteemed bloggers and columnists. She worked under the guidance of senior editor, Bill Longhorn. Longhorn managed and edited her well received blogs. “She was one of our most popular feminist bloggers” Longhorn says, “Why she would compromise her job over something so trivial, sex, is beyond me”.

Longhorn recounts the incident vividly. “I was sitting at my desk, doing paperwork, and in walks Vanessa. I said…Hi Vanessa, whats up? or something like that. Do you need me to look over anything for you?” Longhorn initially supposed that Vanessa needed help editing a blog, but then, awkwardness ensued. “She just stared at me” Longhorn continues, ” she crawled on my desk sensually and said ‘I’ve been naughty, punish me’. She arched her behind in the air and I figured said ‘What are you going to do boss?’.” At this point Longhorn found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He had learned about sexual harassment in the workplace through company funded seminars. He later admits “The encounter was beyond my scope of professionalism.”

After having climbed atop his desk, Longhorn says Vanessa began pleading for him to “Punish her.” Longhorn says “I didn’t have time to think about what the whole situation implied so I just kind of went a long with it. I said…OK, you want to be punished, I’m demoting you to Intern.” When the whimsical remark fell flat Longhorn began to panic. “She just kept crawling towards me and said ‘No, really. Punish me, I want pain’…So I said…you want to really be punished? I’m firing you. That shut her up.”

Idlemon left the office that day. She refuses to make any statements to our reporters, but we uncovered a recent Twitter post following the incident that reads:

“Women have needs, just like men do. But when we express our needs, we get fired, we get shamed, we get ostracized. This is exactly the inequality I’ve been talking about in my blogs. Today, women lost another battle.”

The post has gained substantial attention on social media, with some users finding themselves in heated comment wars. One user comments:
“You go girl, men practically grab us at the club, but when you make one harmless advance at them they freak out because its unprofessional. Bullsh*t”

Feminists everywhere are in support of Vanessa declaring  the hashtag #DontRegretGettingWet.

The hashtag implies that women should not be ashamed about acting on their sex drives. Idlemon’s incident has sparked a nation wide debate on gender inequality.



17 thoughts on “Feminist blogger claims she was “unjustly terminated” after making sexual advances at male boss

  1. This HAS to be satire. Feminists worldwide oppose their politics of firing people for sexual harassment simply because the perpetrator is a woman? Christ, just when I was thinking these pseudo psychopaths couldn’t get any more pathological.

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  2. “The hashtag implies that women should not be ashamed about acting on their sex drives. Idlemon’s incident has sparked a nation wide debate on gender inequality.”

    male sexuality bad, but no constraints on female sexuality right?

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  3. She is yet another hypocritical batshit insane feminist loon.
    Imagine what might have happened if he had accepted her invitation. It would likely have resulted in career ending allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, possibly rape and more.
    To apply a gender test, reverse the genders and imagine how a female would have reacted to a man slinking cat-like across her desk and asking to be spanked.
    I have experienced something similar with a female manger. She rubbed herself against me and stroked my ear as she said that she wanted to have a ‘closer working relationship’.
    I remained unresponsive, which enraged her.
    Later that day, she filed a complaint of sexual harassment against me.
    Years earlier I had learned to make covert video/audio recordings of all interactions with females, so that I would have evidence with which I could defend myself against such allegations. What the female manager did not know was that the pen in my top pocket was, in fact, a video camera that also recorded sound.
    I was able to show that she was a liar and that it was she who had harassed me sexually.
    Of course, nothing happened to her for (a) harassing me and (b) making a false complaint. Women always get the pussy pass after they have been shown to be liars.


  4. The title should be “Feminist gets a taste of equality, is disappointed”.

    Surprise, ladies! With equal rights come equal responsibilities. If you want to act like men, prepare to be treated like men.


  5. The fact that this woman is even paid to do this kind of work is disgusting. It’s well past time we stopped pouring tax payer money to privileged children like this; people are starving and dying while this little princess is whining about not getting laid and innocent men are rotting in jail based on false rape accusations…


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