Uconn Student takes out $10,000 loan to stunt on Instagram

alex juliusUconn, Storrs Campus – Alexander Julius, a business student at the University of Connecticut, was wrongfully profiled in an attempted drug bust after a recent and exuberant Instagram post was called to question.

“What was this kid doing with ten grand cash?” asks Uconn chief of police, Bob Hud. “An anonymous source brought to our attention that Julius had posted a picture of a large stack of money on Instagram with the caption ‘Just a taste of what the drug life can get cha #MoneyMayweather #ImOnOne #GitOnMyLevelBoi’. As a university officer we had probable cause to search his dorm.”


This past Monday  Police raided Julius’s dorm. They searched primarily under his bed and in his mattress, two locations where drug dealers have been known to hide their product. To their surprise, they could not find a single trace of any illegal substance. What they did find was a receipt from a People’s bank in Fairfield Connecticut which described a recent transaction in which Julius took out ten thousand dollars for a entrepreneurial business loan. The money was taken out in his fathers name.

The money was supposed to go to a dorm cleaning service that Julius wanted to start on campus. He admits now that he was never going to start any such serivce, he just wanted to money for an Instagram post. Sources say Julius joked with the teller at the bank when he was asked if the money was going to go to good use he said “Naw, I just want it to stunt on Instagram.” He quickly retracted his statement and said “Just kidding, I am starting a cleaning service and I need supplies.”

The Julius family has gotten involved. Dr. Julius, the father was quoted saying the following “We don’t know what to do with Alex. As punishment, we may just make him start a cleaning business. I think it would be fitting.”

Next semester if you see Julius cleaning on campus, you’ll know how it all started.


-Staff reports


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