Uconn Student arrested after having sex with a hand dryer

xlerator masturbatorUconn, Storrs- 8:00pm, Monday night. Uconn student, Martin Clark, hops off a Greyhound bus at Union Station in New Haven, CT. The station is nearly deserted. Clark receives a text from his mother that informs him she will be running an hour late to pick him up. Bored, and desperate to satisfy his primal sexual instinct, Clark heads to the restroom in hopes of “just masturbating a little bit.”, a statement he is quoted saying in a recent police report.

20 minutes later officials on guard at the station hear what they described as a “piercing, and surprised cry.” From the restroom emerges a frightened female custodian, who’s name remains anonymous. As she runs into the main lobby police notice she is being chased by a young Clark who has his pants half down. “I was just drying off a spill!” he is yelling.

Ten minutes after the ordeal, police get to the bottom of the scene.

Clark was purportedly found engaging in sexual behaviors with the Xlerator hand drying machine by a female custodian. The traumatized custodian reports “That boy had his d*ck all up in that hand drying machine.” she continues to describe how the incident has left her scarred “I’m not always gonna remember that boys face, but what I will never forget was the sound. ‘Whhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr’ I heard ‘Whhhrrrrrr’ then I saw his semen splattering across the floor, and I was like I ain’t cleaning that up.”

During questioning Clark admits that he originally intended to masturbate in one of the stalls, but became so sexually aroused that the Xlerator “just piqued my interest.”

Clark is being held in police custody with a $50,000 bail.



-Staff reports


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