7 new trendy things to get offended by

  1. The depiction of British culture in fantasy films.
    Why is every fantasy land in every fantasy film inhabited by British people? They are fantasy lands for a reason. They don’t exist. This seems like a trivial complaint, but lets take it a step further and imagine if people spoke in Ebonics in fantasy films. Then some brows would be raised. The lord of the rings, for example, is dripping with cultural appropriation. lotr
  2. The portrayal of the female figure on bathroom signs.
    Every woman wears a dress? Some men wear dresses too, but you don’t see male bathroom signs with a dress on them. Why is this? I thought we lived in the 21st century.female bathroom sign
  3. Cultural appropriation in Pornography regarding the black phallus.
    Every see a pornographic video labeled “Big black cock”. The porn industry is stealing, and using black sexuality as a money making operation. black guy
  4. The phrase “things aren’t so black and white”
    This phrase assumes that black and white are drastically different. Why can’t black and white live in harmony
  5. The fact that we only refer to minorities when it comes to race
    We are all equal…Except some people are minorities. How does that make any sense? There are plenty of people out there, and plenty of minorities. How many people floss three times a day? Not many. Why don’t we refer to excessive flossers as minorities? They are a minority group after all. The reason is because we decide to only distinguish between race.
  6. The Dunkin Donuts sign that says “See you soon”
    Corporate America mocking the fact that we are shackled to caffeine. Caffeine is a drug after all, and Dunkin Donuts knows that they are exploiting our addictions. Can you imagine a “see you soon” sign at the Methadone clinic? It would cause quite the hullabaloo. see u soon
  7. Wafers at church are always white
    Jesus was Middle Eastern. What Middle Easterner do you know has pale white skin? Not too many. Most are dark skinned, pushing black. So why in church do the wafers resemble a fleshy white skin tone?

    Priest holding out communion wafer
    Priest holding out communion wafer

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