Nike to start advertising on the moon

nike moonBeaverton, OR – Over the past years Nike has delivered highly questionable marketing strategies. Last year at this time Nike released its Pro-“Gay”me campaign which proved to be a major flop. Nike rescinded the ad after receiving a tremendous public backlash. With continual efforts in edgy advertisements, it is no surprise that Nike released blueprints for a new, and awfully bold, marketing endeavor.

Sunday morning Nike confirmed that their marketing team is working on procuring “Outer-worldy” logo recognition. Nike’s plan is to emboss a massive Nike check mark on the surface of the moon. The project will cost Nike an estimated seven billion dollars, and according to recent documents, Nike has the funds. Since the moon is not under any legal ownership, there are no restraints concerning Nike’s mission. Within the next “fifteen years or more”, says Nike CEO, “we will have a Nike symbol on the moon.”

Frank Willson, a renouned economics expert at Harvard University, has claimed that “Nike’s strategy is bold, extraordinary move that will produce instantaneous benefits for the company.” Think about it. Everyone in the wold sees the moon, almost every night, sometimes during the day. As humans of earth we will constantly be reminded of Nike products.

A recent poll taken this week has shown that people are not overly upset about it. Some people claim it is against nature, but Nike is not receiving the standard backlash that they have in the past.


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