Woman who raped man is being denied an abortion

creepy woman      Austin, TX- Marcia Williams was arrested for having non consensual sex with a man who has multiple disabilities. Police say that Williams coerced John Lucas into having sexual relations with her by claiming that having sex with her was the only way to salvage the world from eternal suffering. Lucas suffers from a variety of psychological disorders, and is often delusional. Williams is his personal caretaker. Several months ago, when Lucas asked Williams  “how can I save the world?” Williams tricked Lucas into sex and exploited his disability. Under Texas law, sex by coercion is considered rape. Williams has since become pregnant and is pursuing an abortion. In response, Lucas hired a lawyer through his new primary caretaker, and is filing for a lawsuit, claiming that Williams does not have the right to get an abortion because Lucas wishes to keep the baby. Constitutional law protects abortion under the right to privacy clause, but Lucas’s lawyer, Attorney Wilcox, argues that Williams forfeited her right to privacy when she raped Lucas. “A woman’s right to privacy should always be respected, we are not arguing that, but what about my client’s privacy? As a result of disrespecting my client’s privacy, Williams caused severe mental suffering to my client by raping him. Therefore, it should be contingent that she forfeits her rights to privacy for a baby that cannot be considered hers.” says Wilcox. Lucas and his lawyer do not stand a good chance in trial, but well renowned lawyers are agreeing nationwide, Attorney Baker from Louisiana had this to say “Exploiting ones mental disability is horrendous. I agree that since Lucas will have to suffer from this rape for the rest of his life, it is justified that Williams suffer through a nine month pregnancy.” More details are being released as the trial proceeds.


2 thoughts on “Woman who raped man is being denied an abortion

  1. Why would that man with mental problems want to bring a baby into the world that was made through rape. The child will probably sufferer from mental problems considering that both parents are pretty messed up? I think if the crazy lady wants to have an abortion then she should be allowed to so she can do the world a favor. When that kid is born and is totally mental who is going to pay for the millions of dollars worth of psychiatric treatment and care facilities that it will need during their lifetime? The taxpayers that’s who. If you stupid texans want to use your religion to force a mentally ill woman to have a child she isn’t even going to care for then don’t even complain when you have to all support it.


  2. 1. This has nothing to do with ‘Texan religion.’ It has to do with respecting the rights of a rape victim. He did not consent to sex. He did not consent to the pregnancy. And now he’ll have no say on the abortion either?

    2. There is more to it than just money. Imagine if we said we should dismiss the case of a man raping a woman because it would impose too high a burden on taxpayers in legal fees.


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