Brilliant or creepy? – Local man harnesses the energy of children

playgroundParley Hill, WA – The Wabino play area is a privately run playground located several miles from Parley Hill grade school. The grounds were constructed seventeen years ago, when James Wabino, 40, decided that he wanted to bring a little joy into the world. Wabino produced blueprints for an extraordinary playground, but subsequently got rejected by investors. After failing to get investors on his side, Wabino resorted to building the playground in his own backyard. For seventeen years Wabino has been modifying, and improving the playground. The playground is a tremendous success, and local children play on it for the majority of the day. A recently unearthed fact regarding the Wabino play area has led to suspicion this week, after a severe rain storm uprooted the Wabino swingset and exposed hundreds of wires and motors underneath the swings. Police investigated the swing set and assumed that Wabino was recording the children with electrical devices as they played. To obtain the recordings, police searched Wabino’s house, but they found something different. Wabino has designed each structure on his playground to generate energy based off of childrens’ movements. The swing set is attached to a series of wires and motors that store energy for future use. Every night Wabino plugs his Prius into an outlet that has stored tremendous amounts of “playground energy” over the years. Wabino was not available for questioning, but his community is outraged and police are investigating further.


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