Why hand washing cups are anti-semitic

jewish cup            NJ- The water is originally poured for “Netilat Yediam”, a common practice in Judaism where observers wash their hands before a meal. Most Jewish households have personalized cups to perform this practice, but a lot of households buy the standard plastic cup with two handles. These cups were originally used in car shops for draining oil and only had one handle. When Mark Zuts, a prominent Neo-Nazi activist, discovered these cups he decided to add an extra handle. The reason he did this was to make the cups resemble a Swastika when they are stacked on top of each other. Zuts was well aware of Jewish practices, and purposely marketed his hand washing cups to the Jewish population in order to bring Swastikas into their homes. Recently uncovered emails from 1999 reveal Zuts plans:  “when you stack the cups they look like a Swastika, if we sell them to Jews they won’t even know. It seems funny to me that we’ll also be taking their money”- An email Zuts sent to his ex partner in 1999. As you can see from this excerpt, the original two handle washing cup was designed specifically to trick Jewish people into unknowingly having Swastikas in their home. Zuts has yet to openly discuss this issue and is halting all business services.


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