Old time friends host fathers day cockfight. The results? Adorable. {VIDEO}

cockfight               Melbrook OH – Bob Steinberg and Jeff Stone have been friends since kindergarten. They are now in their forties, and have remained friends throughout their entire adult lives. Since kindergarten a lot has changed. Bob became an insurance salesman, and has had several children. Jeff has been a paramedic since high school, and also has a family of his own. Every fathers day the two friends host an annual fathers day bash, with events, music and a moon bounce. “When we were kids” said Bob, “every fathers day our dads would dress us  up like roosters and we would beat the shit out of each other for them. Just as a kind of show for them.” This year the two fathers decided to do the same with their kids. “Nowadays we can’t have our kids beat the shit out of each other like back in the day, but we had them dress up like roosters and dance with each other” said Bob. “It was truly magical”


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