Federal audit reveals Dunkin Donuts national scandal

ice coffee                   USA- A federal audit was issued on Dunkin Donuts earlier this week, when law marshals discovered a lapse in marginal frontage costs that the company was using under the guise of accounting services. The marginal revenue generated out of this scam has topped over 500 million dollars. The scam is simple, yet unconstitutional. Here’s how it works: Dunkin sells coffee, coffee is their product. Coffee is the highest selling product at Dunkin Donuts. In 1998, Dunkin introduced the Iced Coffee which was an anticipated success, but for some reason they did not gain any extra profit. Dunkin reviewed their national inventory report and realized soon after that the only way they would make money off of Iced Coffee is by charging more for it. Dunkin started charging an extra 30 cents for an Iced Coffee. In addition to the price, they also started putting extraneous amounts of ice into the coffee in order to save their product. By adding a ridiculous amount of iced to their coffees, Dunkin saves billions each year, and robs from the public. A “Drinkable Beverage” as described in Congressional law has to contain “12 ounces of fluid, and no more than 50oz.” Dunkin has taken it upon themselves to define Ice as a fluid in a temporary solid state, and therefore it is acceptable to sell in coffees. Federal lawyers have argued that Ice is only a temporary fluid in certain conditions. The following argument by Attorney Buckton has been made in court “Lets say a Dunkin Donuts were to open in Antarctica? The Ice in their coffee would not be defined as a fluid in a temporary state, because it would remain solid under arctic conditions. In America, Dunkin can define Ice as a fluid as a temporary solid because in America it will melt.It is semantics, and nothing more”  The takeaway from this story is that if you don’t want to get ripped off at Dunkin, ask for less ice.


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