Apple: Listening To Everything We Say?

iphone                   Tech Genius, Paul M.Card, is a somewhat simple man (other than his knowledge of many coding languages as well as all computer tech.) This California, Santa Marco resident has uncovered an ugly truth, and many are now themselves, is my iphone listening to me. We all know the convenience of simply shouting “Hey Siri” and having her voice respond to us in turn, but what does this mean for our personal security. Paul Mark Card has done testing and research and found out that not only is our iphones listening to us at all times, but we actually agree to have anything heard by our iphones the legal property. Research teams have repeatedly loudly exclaimed certain key phrases around a plugged in iphone, and what they found was that siri was noting these phrases stashed as cookies in the iphone. When browsing the internet later the research found that the advertisements and search suggestions were in direct congruence to what the research team was telling the iphone.  Is this the future we want, where our phones conveniently find out what we want and help us find it or is apple just spying on us. You might need to ask yourself “Are we safe?”


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