High school prank gone wrong leaves 15 families homeless

image    Swanson, NH – A high school prank resulted in a major tragedy this week, when students at West Swanson High school tampered with professional fire fighting equipment. Joel Marton, the ring leader of the prank, is also the son of Swanson’s fire chief. Along with several other students, Marton broke into his fathers study and gained access to secret codes. With the codes, the team of high schoolers broke into the city’s fire supply room and filled every hose with level 12 ignitable fuel. Fire that lights on a level 12 ignitability is aggressively contagious and similar to Napalm.

The next morning, Swanson fire fighters responded to a slight house fire. Under regular conditions the fire would have been easy to extinguish. Because of the level 12 fuel in the hoses, the fire amplified in power and took 15 houses down in its progression. The national guard was called and took 10 hours to fully put an end to the inferno. Marton and his friends are currently in police custody awaiting trial.


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