Black man denied service at restaurant for wearing “gang affiliated clothing”

Portrait of smiling businessman with cell phone

New Haven, CT- Paul Sandush, owner of Paulie’s Diner, denied service to a black man early this morning. Sandush, who has owned the diner for over ten years claimed that the black man was “wearing prominent gang clothing.” “We don’t accept the gang members of the community” Sandush exclaimed, “When I was a little boy growing up in New Dehli, there were no gangsters, but as soon as I come to America I see gangsters on the youtube, and I want to say to them I want to shout ‘Stay on the youtube! Dont come into my diner, my diner is not youtube’.” We tracked down the black man who was denied service and got his side of the story. His name is John Wiltons, and he is a successful accountant for the city of New Haven. He told us the following: “I was going for a Saturday morning drive and I see this diner called ‘Paulies’ so I stopped in” said John, “When I got inside, a little man started berating me, yelling about youtube and all kinds of nonsense. I was wearing my Ugg loafers that my wife bought me for Christmas, and this man starts screaming at me ‘Take off the Thugs, No Thugs’. I explained to him that they’re called Uggs, but he didn’t listen.” John says that he is not pressing charges for discrimination, and that the situation did not bother him that much. “Look,” John said, “This guy is obviously nuts, I’m not going to let him ruin my day.”


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