80 year old man has been wearing Febreze as cologne for decades

old man                 “It smelled good, and was so affordable” Mr. Bluschard said to me as he gave each wrist a spray of Febreze, “I was amazed when I discovered that it was an air freshener. I went forty four years wearing Febreze to every dinner party, wedding, bar mitzvah, and graduation that I attended.” John Bluschard is an 80 year old retired plumber, and he has been wearing Febreze as a cologne for more than half his life. We originally met John to interview him about complications in the modern plumbing industry, but when we arrived, we discovered a more interesting story. John first wore Febreze as cologne at his wedding, forty four years ago. “I was living with my fiance in a small apartment near the Lower south side and it was the day of our wedding. I realized that I ran out of cologne. So I freaked out and was very anxious. I went into the bathroom and saw a tiny bottle that said Febreze, I thought it was Spanish.” said John, “Back in the day, Febreze was sold in little bottles so I thought it was cologne. My wife never told me that it was an air freshener…It was such an insignificant detail in our lives that neither of us ever gave it much thought.” John continues to wear Febreze as a cologne to this day.


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