Statefarm accused of “Name Descrimination” after hiring too many Jakes

statefarm               Berlin CT- Jake from Statefarm. The unofficial spokesman for the successful insurance franchise. The Jake from Statefarm commercials are amongst the most popular advertisements on television. As a result of Jake’s popularity, Statefarm agents are now under investigation after a National Business Report found that an alarming percentage of Statefarm employees are named Jake. Do Jakes gravitate towards Statefarm jobs? Or is Statefarm purposely hiring people who are named Jake? A similar investigation was conducted on Subway nearly a decade ago. The National Business Report found that people named Jared are 70% more likely to get a job at Subway as opposed to someone with a different name. Is the same thing happening at Statefarm? Joseph Cualto says that it is. “I applied to Statefarm about the same time that my friend Jake applied to Statefarm. I have worked insurance before, and I did not get the job. Jake had no prior insurance, or customer service experience and he got the job” Joseph said. Joseph is one of the many people who face the challenges of name discrimination. We are all familiar with race, gender and age discrimination, but how can we end the all too common crisis of name discrimination? In a New York Times article, Attorney John Wilburs claims that companies should be banned from having a familiar spokesman. Wilbur writes “Companies that appoint a mascot to represent themselves are automatically convoluting the very underpinnings of a capitalist market. Cessation of such business tactics will bring a slow deterioration of a certain absolutism that businesses generally maintain”. Wilbur claims that with an absence of company spokesmen, name discrimination will decrease.


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