New Casino trend called “Purge Night” is leaving hundreds of people bankrupt

casino                     Atlantic City NJ- Casinos generate a majority of their profit off of helpless gambling addicts. Casinos have been aware of this for years, which is part of how the business operates. A while back, several human rights organizations asked casinos to stop taking advantage of the gambling addicts. “It is less than human to take advantage of a disease for personal profit” Says Marc Cloth, head of national operations for Gamblers Anonymous. “We aren’t asking that Casinos shut down, we are simply asking that they lessen the allowable gambling time during the day. Instead of being open 24/7, we propose that they open at around 7pm and close at 10pm, giving gamblers ample time to have a little fun, but not enough time to ruin their lives” Cloth said. Valiente Del Sol, a Casino in north Jersey, took Cloths advice, not to benefit gamblers, but to make an even bigger profit. The director of communications of Del Sol, Todd Leos, said the following: “We heard about Cloth taking a stand against gambling addiction, and we truly wanted to be a part of it. Our casino is very big and has other sources of income, so we decided to cut our gambling hours down to 20 hours a week. What we found was an enormous influx of customers, and of money being spent. So we decided to keep this new policy.” It seems that with less gambling hours available to the public, casino traffic actually rises. Todd Leos is calling it “The Purge.” He claims that since addicts have limited time to gamble, they are more likely to make quick, on the spot, bad decisions. He says the method is actually more profitable than the system before “several weeks ago, it would take a man days to decide whether or not to sign his house over to us. Now, since people have such a limited time to make decisions, they sign everything over to us without even thinking twice. We are booming because of this system. You ever see the movie purge? That’s what its like, people purging on gambling…It gets hectic in here on purge nights.” Said Leos.

Del Sol is the first  “Purge Casino” in the world and has already broken casino profit records within a week.


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