How college girls are making money by watching Netflix

sexy girl                                  New Canaan CT- College life is ridden with expenses and sacrifices. Students find it difficult to keep up with overwhelming financial exhaustion. Luckily for some, the internet has introduced a new lucrative business that  people are turning into careers. The trend is called “Comfort Porn”, and it is quite possibly the strangest porn since feng shui porn (Porn that is conducted in strict adherence to the rules of feng shui). Comfort porn is very different from the kind of porn that you are familiar with. Comfort porn does not involve nudity, nor any sexual acts whatsoever. It is the indulgence in virtual comforting.

The average comfort porn video is structured similarly to a cam girl video (girls performing sexual acts on a web cam). In comfort porn, young girls host web cam sites where they film themselves engaging in relaxing activities. Common activities that you will see in a comfort porno are girls watching T.V, straightening their hair, and ordering Chinese food. In the midst of a comfort porno the cam girl will turn to the viewers and say things like “Can’t wait till the lo mein comes” “Did you take out the trash yet?” “How was your day.” Some viewers request the cam girls to stage fake arguments as well, in order to make the virtual experience as real as possible. A cam girl will turn to the viewers and exclaim “You didn’t make reservations for tonight??? I am outraged, this is just the type of thing our counselor was talking about!.” Some viewers are so deeply involved in the fetish that they pay cam girls to break up with them, so they can experience the reality of heart break.

The comfort porn industry has over 700 active web cams that run 24 hours a day. It is growing by the minute. So if you’re a college girl, trying to make some extra cash, maybe you should consider comfort porn.


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