Conservatives on board with new radical entitlement program to end hunger

worms                Washington D.C.- A rally was held Sunday afternoon in downtown Washington regarding the overwhelming amount of people who are going hungry despite having plenty of food stamps issued to them. Individuals who suffer are often unemployed, and uneducated. Several contributing factors that lead to this problem are manifest in the methods our government uses in dealing with poverty. On account of the ACLU subfamily M.A.C (make-able communities), rallyers gathered to promote a new and radical program idea for the socioeconomically disadvantaged community. The program asserts that underprivileged individuals need opportunities that offer sustenance in addition to practical learning experiences. The program suggests that in addition to food stamps, less fortunate individuals should be given free fishing permits in their local area, so that they can learn a trade while obtaining meals simultaneously. The Program is titled “Teach a man” after the famous saying “teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.” Other benefits that the program offers are free bait, free rods, and even free row boats.


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