Archaeologists discover the worlds first condom, and it sounds painful

bees     Egypt- Archaeologists have found what is believed to be the first wearable contraceptive device. Researchers at the University of Minneapolis found several ancient artifacts in an anonymous Egyptian tomb early Wednesday morning.The artifacts were miniature beehives with traces of ancient semen inside of them. Each beehive has a long hole drilled from one end to the other. Researchers surmised from hieroglyphics that Ancient Egyptians would cut out sizable holes in miniature beehives, and wear them as contraceptives. Before wearing the beehives as condoms the Egyptians would eradicate the bees first.

Ancient Egyptian Cradlebees made their hives with a material very similar to modern day latex. The Cradlebees also produced a natural spermicide in their digestive system. At the time,  it was a regular procedure to rub crushed Cradlebees on reproductive organs before engaging in sexual activity.

Samples of Cradlebee, and their hives are currently on display at the Fina De Luca Museum in Monteal France.


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