Snapchat under fire for racially provocative logo

11418435_10206386841417183_125572335_n                 Sacramento CA- The popular social network company, Snapchat, received a large backlash from the public over the weekend. Saturday morning Snapchat’s CEO Evan Speigel opened his email account to find a barrage of adverse reactions regarding the iconic Spanchat logo. Speigel has stated in previous years that the Snapchat logo is representative of a minimalistic ghost. This weekend questions were raised as to what the Snapchat logo truly represents. The backlash was initiated when Dr. Barson, a prestigious Harvard professor, uncovered several old doodles drawn by prominent KKK members in the late 50’s. Dr. Barson was researching racially influential art work when he stumbled upon an old doddle that depicted KKK members in a very similar fashion to the way the Snapchat logo is constructed. “I was reading an old diary that I found at the schools library of a well known KKK leader, or Imperial Wizard, as they call themselves” Dr. Barson said, “I came across an elaborate doodle that reminded me of a phone app that one of my students was showing me previously that day…I did some more research and noticed vast similarities between the KKK doodles, and the Snapchat logo.” The doodle was drawn by an anonymous KKK leader, and remained undiscovered until now. Dr. Barson stated that the relationship between the Snapchat logo and the doodles may be a mere coincidence, but he is asking Snapchat to change their logo to a more appropriate image.


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