Police body cam reveals scandalous sex life

body cam                   Augusta ME- Maine is one of the many progressive states to have implemented the use of police body cams. In the Augusta precinct, officers are instructed to sign in their body cams before a shift, and sign them out at the end of the shift. This system has been working smoothly, according to the Augusta Chief of Police Edward Nash who stated on Tuesday “officers sign in their cams in the morning, and sign them out at night before they go home.” Since the implementation of body cams Augusta has seen a steady decrease in public complaints. “Citizens feel safer around our officers, and that is our ultimate goal, safety” says Nash. Until recently there have been no problems with the body cams, but footage that was taken over the weekend suggests differently. “It seems that one of our officers had forgotten to relinquish the camera at the end of the day, and accidentally brought it home” says Nash. Nash was concerned about the officers mistake and contacted him immediately after noticing a lack of body cams in the precinct. “I called the officer Sunday night after his shift and notified him that his body cam was not at the precinct. He responded and returned the camera the next morning” says Nash. The next day Nash reviewed the cameras footage and was surprised to find a two hour long sex tape. The officer who had taken the camera home allegedly filmed a full length pornographic film with an unidentified woman. “I watched the footage several times and recognized the woman from the video as my own wife” Nash concludes, “this is a harsh way to find out about an affair.” When Nash spoke to the officer who had filmed the video, the officer told him “Consider this my resignation video.” Nash claims to have never harbored any animosity towards the officer and is struggling to figure out why the officer would commit such an act. The officer is being investigated for theft of police property, and Nash has since filed for a divorce. “I can’t be married to a woman who films pornography with a co-worker…It sickens me..They even wrote out a dialogue script”-Nash


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