Maruchan to release the “Ramen Efficiency Noodle”

noodle    Tokyo Japan- For years Maruchan has been the spearhead of the noodle industry, making most of their profit off of the financially disadvantaged. In 1972, Maruchan released instant Ramen noodles, which were an instant success. Contrary to modern times, Instant Ramen noodles signified a luxury status in the early 70’s. Instant Ramen was generally served at business events and weddings. In 1974 Instant Ramen was served at Gerald Ford’s inauguration dinner. Today Ramen noodles continue to be delicious, but they are recognized as a poor mans meal. To combat the stigma that Instant Ramen has received in recent years, executives at Maruchan have decided to release the first “Efficiency Noodle.” The Ramen Efficiency noodle is a single, 100 gram noodle that maintains the length of thirteen people from head to toe. The noodle is manufactured into a thick spiral, and is placed into its packaging. Jeff Bouyard, a food critic, described the noodle as such: “It looks like how you’re supposed to wrap up a hose.” The idea behind the efficiency noodle stems from what food enthusiasts call the “Lady and the Tramp effect.” “People want to slurp” Jeff Bouyard states, “People have a desire to slurp a noodle, so why not make one long giant noodle, that can be eaten in on long slurp?” The release date of the Efficiency noodle has not been given to the public yet.


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