Man chokes on nail clipper removing popcorn kernel from throat

Jones McGregorWallingford CT- A Wallingford man is being held overnight at Yale New Haven Hospital after accidentally swallowing an entire nail clipper. Jones McGregor was eating popcorn late Monday night, when he felt an itching sensation in the back of his throat. “My throat was irritated…I was eating a lot of popcorn” McGregor said, “so I figured that I probably had a kernel stuck in there.” Upon realizing that there was a kernel stuck in his throat, McGregor then proceeded to scrape the kernel out with several different instruments. “First I tried fingering it out, but almost threw up, so then I tried using a chopstick, a plastic knife, and an old ice pick” McGregor said, “After failing with all of those things, I opened my nail clipper and pulled out the little nail filer thing…I stuck it down my throat and I guess it slipped or something.” McGregor lost grip of the nail clipper, and dropped it down his own throat. He called 911 immediately after the accident and was admitted into the emergency room. Doctors responded with an x-ray, which did not find anything in McGregor’s stomach. Dr. Wilson, Chief of Staff at YNH, is quoted saying “In a man such as McGregor, a man with an overly experienced stomach…It is quite possible that since his stomach is so used to dissolving food in such large quantities, that his stomach was actually powerful enough to dissolve metal.” McGregor’s incident is remaining a medical mystery.

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