Hipster Community to start hosting bizarre cuddle parties

cudddlleeNew York- A new fad is taking the Hipster community by storm. Its called “Cuddle Partying.” Participants gather in a comfortable location, and cuddle with strangers. The Cuddle grounds are generally covered with blankets and pillows. Some cuddle events are B.Y.O.P (bring your own pillow) while others have pillows and blankets provided.

Since the onset of Cuddle Parties in 2013, there have been multiple scandals within the industry. Many people have been arrested for Cuddling without consent, and for forced, violent cuddling. Cuddle parties follow a strict set of cuddle-friendly rules. Some of these rules include “no cuddling without consent” and “no wearing revealing clothing.” Breaking a cuddle-friendly rule can result in the termination of a cuddler membership, or in severe cases, an assault charge. Questions are also being raised about how animal abuse relates to cuddling, and if participants should be banned from bringing their pets into cuddling sessions.


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